Books and the furnace

It was a dark and very cold winter. I had worked like crazy the past 6 months on my latest novel. I had a few paragraphs left before I was able to type the always amazing final words and call it a wrap. It is a true blessing to be able to do what you love everyday. I knew lots of people who went through the motions of their employment and were never happy. So I counted myself truly lucky. I diligently finished the end of my book, typed a closing line, and tuned off my computer. I was cozy under a blanket as the heating system supplied its warming air through the ductwork of my home. My writing career had started quite mediocre, but it recently provided me with an excellent income. Not long ago, I upgraded my home’s heating and cooling system to a more hip and efficient unit. It was especially useful in the last few cold months. The temperature outside had reached a record breaking 20 below at certain points! I was very grateful to have heat radiating through my house. It definitely added a lot of comfort on those frigid winter mornings. I also took the plunge and bought a fireplace for my family room. This was the crown treasure of my heating and cooling system. It was my favorite room of the house, and the fireplace really added an awesome ambience to my residence. Now all I’d to do was hit “send” to get the book to my publisher, and wait for the editor to do her magic!

heating technology