Boiler problems

I have a totally irrational fear that our boiler will cut on on us. When we moved into our lake home when I was 21, newly married plus completely broke, the home came with a boiler system. We didn’t want to buy a better heating program, so the two of us just made do with the big, rusted plus old furnace that we had. We enjoy our boiler program right now plus my partner understands it. I don’t make the boiler labor to a control unit. The boiler heats our lake home when it wants to. In turn, the boiler program heats the water plus I also hooked it to a swimming pool in our backyard. The two of us use the boiler all year long, plus we entirely enjoy it. Now that we have more money, we can afford to replace it, we just don’t want to. We want to use that extra money to complete some other repairs around the house. But every time we spend a little money, we worry that our boiler will shut down on us. Then, we won’t have the money to replace that boiler. We never want to be without heat during the winter, or a water furnace or a pool heater. We’re in too deep with our boiler, plus it’s a pivotal area of our weekly routine. My partner and I can’t lose our boiler now. We suppose that we should have a HVAC contractor over to our lake home to perform an examination and clean the boiler. However, we haven’t done it yet. Instead, we just pray that our boiler is as durable as it looks. So far, everything has been fine.

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