Boiler heats the pool

Part of the downtown pool facility has a heated pool, however, it is only for smaller children or elderly people. You can’t swim very many laps in it as it is only about three feet deep. I love to go to the pool in order to swim laps. It’s extremely good exercise during the winter time. Since the pool is an indoor facility, it is air conditioned during the warm season. It’s also very nice because in the contrary it is heated during the winter. They have a great heating ventilation, in addition to A/C program that keeps the building warm and comfortable during the winter. They keep the temperature control at such a comfortable level, that I often spend hours in the pool swimming laps. I find myself losing much more weight during the winter time, as I love to swim in the warm water. The facility is only work game 10 hours each day, so I wonder if they run the heating, ventilation, and addition to A/C system during the entire 24-hour period? It must cost a  fortune to run the system, because in the morning I arrive early, and the whole building is already warm and toasty. It must take several hours to heat the building because it is nothing more than concrete walls. It’s not very expensive for a swimming pass, so they must get funding from outside sources. I know it costs me several hundreds of dollars to run my heating system during the winter, and I can only believe it’s ten times that much for this space.

boiler system