Blow drying my hair

I guess I might be a high maintenance person, by most people’s standards. NOt that I expect much in life, but because I take quite a bit of time to care for myself each day. I think it’s important to take preventative care in order to live a long and youthful life, and that includes a lot of pampering for me, personally. I take care of my skin and my hair as best I can on a budget. I also try to put my best face forward each day, and getting ready takes me some time in the morning. The one thing I don’t like to do is blow dry my hair each day. The result is great, but the process is so hot, I literally have to turn on my air conditioner just to stay dry while I’m working on the task. If it’s summer time, it’s absolutely necessary to engage my central cooling unit, but even in the spring and fall, I employ my HVAC system about half of the time. You see, the bathroom gets so hot and muggy from my shower, that my hair won’t dry unless I dehumidify the air someone. My only option is switching on the AC with cools and dehumidifies the indoor air, and usually affects the bathroom pretty quickly since it’s small and there’s a direct air vent leading to it. I have an efficient air conditioning unit, so I don’t feel awful running it for short periods. I don’t know what I would do without central cooling – every day would be a bad hair day.