Big party in Winter and we needed AC

My college buddies and I every seasonal change like to do a big party. We decided then that we wanted to throw a huge New Year’s party for the Winter season. We each took over an area of the party. Alex was the one in charge of getting food for our party. Nick cleaned our whole place top to bottom so we could cram a bunch of people in. Steve had to make sure we had enough booze to really get our party going. I was the one who took care of getting people to the party. The party actually was a major success. We had a ton of people, enough food and booze. The only complaint I had was that it was sweltering in our house with all the people. Our windows fogged up with all the body heat. It was the middle of Winter and we needed the air conditioner on. Immediately I turned off our heating system, anticipating that it would get warm. However, we should have brought at the very least fans for our people. Most of the night people would open our door to let in cold air or stand outside. We did not like people going in and out, tracking in dirt. If we would have had some form of cooling or quality A/C, we could have kept people in the house. My roommates and I did not realize how crucial climate control is for a party. So next time Alex will do food and booze. Steve will have to handle temperature control.

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