Big office corporations and their cooling

I learn once that many large companies try to deceive their clients by keeping their thermostats situated on a lower temperature than what people would consider normal. Apparently, this makes the companies seem more prestigious plus rich. I do not know whether or not other people are impressed by freezing cold air conditioner, although I particularly am not. When I go into a store or office to do business, I want to be treated in a way that makes myself and others feel welcomed plus comfortable. When I go into a building that has freezing cold air conditioner that is so freezing that I am shivering plus cannot feel clearly because our brain is like ice, I do not feel welcomed plus comfortable. I feel as if I want to get out of there. I have really left stores before because of how ridiculously arctic the air conditioner was! Perhaps I am not the type of patron that store is trying to have as a customer, although I wonder how many other people have been turned away? Now, I also realize and have noticed that there are some companies that try to cut corners plus run their air conditioner or heating systems practically never, so it particularly is possible to err too much on the side of being warmer rather than cooler. Finding a happy medium, though, should not be unquestionably difficult, plus I am certain companies, whether big, small, prestigious, or easy, should be interested more to the comfort of their clients. If the clients were really always right and never wrong, many companies would do away with weird A/C tactics.

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