Being overcharged for attic HVAC work

I am trying to have my entire attic and heating and cooling system re-done since I recently learned that I have asbestos, duct issues, and rodents in my HVAC system and furnace. I had a local HVAC company come out and assess the damage and then give me a quote for redesigning and installing the ducts and the HVAC system. I have to also pay for a contractor to remove the asbestos. I knew it was going to be very expensive. Not only am I replacing a furnace and cooling system, but also all the ductwork. Removal of asbestos, I would imagine is also a very risky job. It requires hazmat protection for removal and lots of safety precautions.  I don’t mind paying extra for all of this. I know it’s necessary, but my first quote was for $50,000!! I can’t believe that it would be that high. I am at a loss of what to do. I will be getting several more quotes from HVAC companies and sanitation companies, but I am starting to get really worried. I took out a home improvement loan for $30,000 already but I doubt I can get approved for $50,000. The current HVAC company said they could do a payment plan for the remaining $20,000 after the loan, but I think I will have to keep looking until I find an HVAC company that can do the work well for around $30,000 so that I don’t go completely broke in order to have a safe air conditioning and heating system.

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