Being in a band and not having air conditioning

I used to be in a band in high school. My house was the place that we practiced too. My home used to be an old apartment house. That means that there are many entrances and lots of open spaces. My band would practice upstairs in what can only be a living room of sorts. It was a big space with lots of plugs and windows. It was perfect to have a drum set, store guitars and plug in amplifiers. The issue was how hot it would get in the summer. The amps, electronics and our body heat was an intense combination. Heat also rises and we definitely noticed that. The windows were old and barely opened too. So we had basically nothing in terms of cooling. We got a few box fans and window AC units for upstairs. The cooling power was not very impressive however. By the end of a jam session we all would be covered in sweat. Also having no central air conditioning was not good for the equipment. We would get hot, but so would our technology. It is not good for amplifiers and electric instruments to get overheated. We really should have invested in an air conditioner. However we were all about 17. So calling a HVAC company for air conditioner installation was not on the list of priorities. I still play drums now that I am an adult. The first thing I did before I played was get A/C installed in my house. I now will never play without AC again.

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