Beer making

When you choose to take up a hobby like beer making, there are several of things that you must take into consideration. Like most other people, we went and bought one of those “make your own beer” kits, and thought it would be a fun and easy thing to do. It was pretty easy to do that particular time, however the hobby has now escalated to a level where we make several hundreds of bottles each time. The equipment involved is quite extensive and we are now considering putting up an added building to the back just for this function. Now before you start thinking that we’re all alcoholics, I want you to understand that we have a large number of friends who all enjoy the beer making process as well. One of the things we need to consider in the new building is a HVAC system because the temperature together with the humidity level in the space you are brewing can completely change the outcome if you’re not careful. We never knew until we really knew about the scientific basis of brewing, how different yeasts require different temperatures to be able to develop the alcohol in the end product. While your beer is in the fermentation process, if the yeast gets stressed, it won’t develop properly and you will have a failed batch. Not only is this a disappointment but it is a huge waste of time and money considering that this entire process takes weeks to carry out. Because the building is not linked to our house, we had to set up a ductless HVAC unit that would not only air condition that building within the summertime but provide heat inside winter. The building is also located in the midst of a field so we will take advantage of solar power to run the unit.

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