Banning AC use

When I begin to remember my teen years, I conclude how much things have changed, and yet nothing has changed.  The young people of this generation aren’t as naive as I was, but then perhaps I was one of the few that were naive.  I was brought up in the sixties, when we were bombarded with Flower Power, Make Love Not War, and Give Peace A Try.  I wore the large bell bottoms blue jeans and a peace sign t-shirt. I just never had the need to follow everyone else and I did my own thing.  I am still so inclined, and so are my grandchildren.  My one grandson has decided to make a movement of his own.  He is absolutely trying to do away with using air conditioning system in the mornings. He told his father that he is too wasteful.  In actuality, what he is doing is nothing more than the energy saving tricks most of us know about, but it is modern to younger kids who are just now learning about energy conservation in school.  At only 11 years old, he can be quite a force around the house.  My grandson has hung up signs around the house, and devised a new energy saving system for the family and an HVAC schedule.  Whether or not they will pay any attention to him I don’t know, but they say they are trying.  My grandson came to my beach house not long ago, and kissed my cheek and said I was doing a great job.  I didn’t know know what he was talking about.  There was  a Heating and Air Conditioning van in our yard because his grampy and I were having our AC maintained before the tortuous heat of the summer.  My grandson was so proud of us for ensuring we were being energy efficient with our A/C. He made us award ribbons to hang around our doorknobs.

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