Antidepressants and HVAC settings

Over the past ten or twelve years, the number of people who take antidepressants has severely increased. More and more people need help with their mental psyche, and there is entirely no shame in taking medications that help you feel better. It certainly makes us wonder why the reason is that half of the children in any single classroom or taking medication. One extremely clever medical scientist determined how A/C plus heating, has strong impact on our mood and emotional stability. When the cooling system was not cold enough, or the gas furnace was not warm enough, most people reported feelings of anxiousness, distraught, Plus sadness. It makes sense that some people feel uneasy about getting the perfect indoor air conditions. I often enjoy having the right control component settings on my furnace as well as cooling system. When one specific psychiatrist begin a crazy routine with his patience, he found an enormous amount of information already. He had patience experiment with different settings on their A/C system, in order to find out if it affected their after adjusting the cooling system or furnace for an entire week, the psychiatrist asked to see those patients in the office again. There were many different results about the heating plus air conditioning system, when compared with human emotions. I definitely feel like the study is worth reading more about, because I often feel sadness in the middle of the summer because it is so hot outside.  It’s definitely an interesting study that could lead to many different arguments. How does temperature truly affect our mood and emotions?

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