Another birthday

My current summertime job is starting to be a royal pain in my side! I thought it would be a very easy as well as fast way to make some money for my school tuition, but actually, it is one constant struggle to wash up after people. People seem to feel that since they are renting a home as well as paying a huge cleaning fee, that they can just leave it in total disarray. I have seen some pretty bad rentals after only a week, however most of these are the family reunions or the parties that have more people than are suited for the property. It’s difficult to prove in order to fine them, so we must look into other ways. One of the things they trained myself and others on was the cleaning of the Heating as well as A/C air filters as well as all the vents. We do this because they are trying to save money on their Heating as well as A/C repair fees by doing this every month so we have no need to bring out the Heating as well as A/C techs monthly.  So the more every one of us can do to keep the heating as well as cooling systems running efficiently through the summer, the more money they save overall. It is actually clear at times that most of these rentals never turned off the Heating as well as A/C system. I can tell from changing out the air filters. They are always so disgusting as well as gross, and it makes me wonder if there were pets inside as well. Pets aren’t allowed period, so if I see any remnants of pets, I am supposed to tell them immediately to charge a penalty fee! Since, they can’t monitor the extra people, they can at least charge for the pets if there are any.