An air conditioner is made up of many things

I took a fishing trip last the summer up north. I stayed in the cabin out in the woods. The cabin didn’t have air conditioning since it was a little different sleeping during the nighttime without the hum of an HVAC unit within my ear all night. Actually, it was kind of nice having the windows open so I could hear the night sounds. When I am home, the only thing I hear at night is the air handler to my HVAC system turning on and off and the sound of air rushing on the air ducts in my experts. You see, the HVAC system makes what can be labelled as “white noise. ” In various words, a sound that is a bit constant and familiar so you become accustomed to it and it is therefore less disturbing if you find yourself trying to sleep. Without an air conditioner humming away inside my cabin, it was a little distracting at the beginning hearing unfamiliar sounds like crickets and frogs at nighttime. The night sounds are a lot more varied than the audio of air rushing through your air ducts at your home, but I found them somewhat comforting I should confess to you. Of course, you must understand that I’ve camped out on many occasions with only a tent for shelter. You don’t have air conditioning in the woods, unless you are fortunate enough to have an RV. Some of those RV’s are as nice as a house and contain a sophisticated HVAC system that is going to rival the one you have at home. I am not sure the direction they work exactly, but I imagine they also have an air handler, condenser and compressor exactly have with your home HVAC system. The sole difference is that when something goes wrong you only drive your RV to some dealer and drop it out of!

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