Am I being ignorant?

My father used to always tell me about how crucial it was to follow my dreams. When he was just a little boy, he enjoyed playing baseball. His father purchased him his very first slugger when he was only five years old. Like most other boys on that old playing field, he dreamed of playing professional baseball someday. He worked extra hard at improving plus eventually became a fantastic minor league player. I believe he would’ve made it professionally if he wouldn’t have injured his shoulder. Today, my job isn’t something most would dream of. However, I do it because it’s my passion. I’ve been in love with Heating plus Air Conditioning technology ever since I was a freshman at university. This was when I first encountered A/C. Back when I was much younger, my mom and dad were minimalist. They never believed that A/C was crucial enough for us to spend our money on. They chose to go without the element of Air Conditioning technology. Sure, I knew that I loved the fact that during the Wintertime, we had the fireplace to keep us cozy. However, I really would’ve been a lot more comfortable with some AC during the summer. I guess ignorance is bliss. However, when those shiny silver HVAC ducts inside my dorm building started pushing out cool, refreshing air, I couldn’t help but dream about AC. So nowadays, I actually own a tiny AC shop within my hometown. I sell and also service heating plus cooling equipment. I literally couldn’t be happier.

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