Am I actually wasting money?

At times, owning a home can be hurtful. I say this for the constant maintenance & upkeep that my wife & I had to do on this home. There have been times after such a long weekend of solid yard work or repairs around the beach house,  the two of us feel we are beaten up & every muscle in our body is sore. Periodically I wish I could just hire someone to do that work. There is a second pain with being a homeowner, the pain that you get in your billfold when your utility bills arrive. It really is amazing just how much they have raised over the past couple of years so we do as much as possible to keep everything up-to-date. We make sure to have our annual servicing on a Heating, Ventilation, & A/C plan to keep it running as efficient as possible, & change the air filter on a proper schedule. Even with all of our hard work it seems our utility bills continued creeping up every month & so the two of us wanted to have an energy assessment done on our home. After the assessment was done, the serviceman said that much of our heat & air conditioner has been escaping through the aging windows in our home. This was the one section that the two of us had never addressed, when the two of us first obtained the house, 15 years ago, the windows were new. I am very happy that the two of us had this assessment done & suggest others on contacting their Heating, Ventilation, & A/C contractor to do this too.

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