Always cold at her place

Last week I went to my sister’s dwelling for lunch. After picking up soup and sandwiches from our favourite place not far from her apartment, we decided to eat at her place instead of the restaurant. When we walked inside the door to her apartment, I actually was shocked by how cold it was! In fact, I wondered if she even had the heat on because it was consequently incredibly cold. As we sat down to eat, I couldn’t even enjoy my food because I was too busy shivering during our meal. All the while my sister was complaining about precisely how cold it was. Finally, when we finished eating, I asked her how long it was since she changed her filters in her HVAC unit. My sweet, younger sister furrowed her eyebrows and told me she thought the maintenance people took care of that. I rolled my eyes and walked to the closet that housed her hot water heater and air intake. I pulled the filter out of its place and showed her how clogged it was subsequently with pet hair, dust, in addition to dirt. My sister looked horrified and asked if I could put in a new air conditioning filter for her. Instead, I wrote down a variety of filter that is a high allergen filter and informed her where to purchase it. Next I went around to the bedroom, living room, and your kitchen areas to survey the heating vents. Naturally, the bed was blocking the heating vent in her bedroom, while the couch was over the heating vent in the living room. At least the heating vent in the kitchen was unobstructed! I informed my sister about the error of blocking the vents and helped her to rearrange the furniture in both rooms to open up the heating registers. I also told her to purchase the plastic covers that help direct the airflow coming from the heating registers so it flow into the rooms. Hopefully, now her apartment will be warmer.