All over the AC breaks

It was a very exciting year for my loved ones. The matriarch of our huge family was turning 100 years old this year! We planned a huge party for the occasion, which was just within the last month. We had originally rented out a really nice gathering hall, but at the final minute our plans had to change. Unfortunately, a week before the party the hall suffered a catastrophic HVAC system issue. They would not be able to have the air conditioner repaired before the party was to start, so we had to locate to a new venue. This summer had become a record breaking one as far as heat levels go. We would not risk my grandmother’s health by subjecting her to a party without a proper air conditioning system. We even tried to locate an HVAC technician that could come out to the party to fix the air conditioner, but we had no luck! We even tried hard to find a non-local HVAC technician that we would pay for travel expenses as well. Certainly, we had no such luck. With the heatwave, air conditioners were breaking through out our state. It was hard to find an HVAC technician anywhere. Some places even had a good waiting list for air conditioner repairs! So, we had to settle on creating a few smaller parties over her birthday week. Our family was so huge, we couldn’t fit everyone into my air conditioned house all at one time! It turned out good despite the fact that we had to plan things out in this manner. My grandmother stayed cool within our air conditioned place, and she got a week long party rather than just one night!

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