Air quality in the spring

The Springtime is not my favorite season. There is nothing I like about the Springtime. None of the fruits are ripe at this time of year.  There are no nice lotion scents and also there is a lot of pollen.  Everywhere, there is pollen floating around. The white fluff flies around outside and then gets inside my home. Also, bugs tend often find a way inside and fly around the house. I never can figure out how to remove all of these contaminants from the indoor air. In the Summer, I simply operate the air conditioner and use an air purification system.   In the Winter I use the  furnace along with a whole-home humidifier. In the Spring, however, I never can decide what to do about the indoor air conditions. The temperatures swings drastically everyday. I should hire the HVAC contractor to complete a furnace tune up. Then the furnace is turned off for the year and it’s nearly time to use the air conditioner.  However, there are days where I want to start up the furnace again. I also get days that I am in need of the AC. I never can decide what I want the HVAC contractor to do. Should I have a cooling tune up or a furnace adjustment? So those are the reasons I do not like Springtime. I can’t determine between heating and cooling. Because I can’t commit to one or the other, I can’t manage to get rid of the bugs and pollen. So the house gets overrun with bugs and contaminants. My air quality is in bad shape, and I am constantly the wrong temperature. Springtime is just a challenging season to get through. On top of all of that, the frequent rain makes me miserable and I hate being stuck in the house.

indoor air quality