Air purifier for sickness

Twice a year, I get flu like symptoms, and I am so sick that I am bedridden.  It starts with runny nose and coughing, then leads into a full blown bronchial infection.  I can take every precaution known to man, including vitamins and eating healthy, but about every six months it comes back and knocks me on my butt.  I feel great the other ten months of the year, but I know that my lungs are going to give me trouble, sooner or later.  As I get older, I am beginning to worry more about what and when it will happen, because I am expecting the illness to occur more often.  I am trying to combat the infections by investing in a top line HVAC system.  This state of the ar central HVAC system should regulate even the quickest of temperature or atmospheric changes, which is important, because a quick change in air pressure can trigger my illness.  Air quality is another contributing factor to my lung disease.  The rise in indoor pollen, and dust levels can be quite dramatic, and my new HVAC system has a series of air filters that will help to keep the air as clean as possible.  The only thing that would be better than having the air purification system, would be a sealed room, and maybe that wouldn’t work, either.  My temperature changes are also constantly being monitored by my smart controller.  I don’t know if my new HVAC system will be the cure, but I’ll be more comfortable while I am suffering through it.

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