Air purifier for casino

When the two of us actually went to the casino last week, I walked around the entire casino floor & looked for my favorite penny machines.  Both of us were going to be there for a few days, so I wanted to pick out the machines I wanted to try.  I never picked up on the smoking section signs that were situated over by a few of the machines.  I sat down & was playing for a while, while enjoying the air conditioned air that was comfortably coming from the vent directly overhead.  A girl sat down at the machine close to me & she actually went ahead and pulled out a cigar..  I said something, & she pointed to the sign above her machine.  There wasn’t actually a smoking allowed over mine.  I spent another more than nine minutes there & moved on.  When finally the two of us returned to our room that afternoon, I immediately headed for the shower and changed into some clean clothes.  I could smell smoke all over me.  John turned on the air conditioner, & since we were in a high class hotel, there was also a clean air feature on the unit.  Within minutes, the smell of lingering smoke was going away because of the air purification idea that was within the Heating & Air Conditioning component in the room.  Later that afternoon the two of us returned to the bulk of the casino.  I was particularly careful to watch the signs over the machines.  I felt so incredibly fortunate that I was going to go home with more money than I had arrived with, because I was actually on a winning streak.  One woman said I had picked the perfect place.  She thought the coldest areas of the casino had the a/cs blowing directly down on the the machine.  Since most casinos these days have older people in them, those machines were seldom used, & more active.  I want to say a big thank you for the fantastic air conditioning.

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