Air purification for the pets

I am a critter lover; I have various dogs, various cats, plus a parrot sharing my apartment with me.  Although I like my many critters, they do require a lot of work.  The feeding and care are only a small section of the challenge.  I don’t want my apartment to smell like a zoo.  I don’t want my air quality so unhealthy that I’m always missing work due to illness.  I do everything possible to keep my apartment clean, comfortable, plus smelling good.  Along with frequent dusting, scrubbing and vacuuming I’ve invested in a state-of-the-art heating, ventilation, plus A/C system.  I have a gas furnace plus central air conditioner that help to circulate as well as filter the air.  Because of the excess fur and dander in the house, I make sure to replace the air filter every month. I enrolled in a HVAC program.  A licensed professional comes to the apartment each spring and fall to thoroughly clean, troubleshoot, and adjust the gas furnace plus air conditioner.  She makes sure that there is maximum airflow through the system, no worn or broken parts, also that everything is running safely, reliably, and efficiently.  I further protect my indoor environment with the operation of an air cleaner.  The air cleaner is installed within the system- it effectively filters the air supply to the entire apartment approximately numerous times every hour.  It not only traps pollutants that are smaller than the head of a pin but it actively kills microorganisms.  The air cleaner combats mold, bacteria, viruses, smells, dust, dander, plus a whole bunch of unpleasant contaminants.  It not only keeps my apartment much cleaner it also protects the condition of the heating and cooling unit.    

air conditioning filter