Air purification for the baby room

Our eight month old son has developed severe allergies, and he is suffering from terrible symptoms. I never knew that a baby could be diagnosed with allergies, but my pediatrician just told us the news. We were wondering why our son was having trouble sleeping. The doctor recommended that we purchase an air purifier for our home. I have heard a lot of different reviews on the efficacy of air purifiers, and now we are in the market to buy one. I spoke to a professional at the local hardware store and they have a few different models of air purifiers in stock. The hardware store can even come to the house and install the air purifier if we would like. I’m not sure if we should get a professional HVAC company to install the air purifier. I don’t even know how hard the process can be. We have never had any problems with allergies in our family, and this is the first time we have ever thought about buying an air purifier. I hope the purchase of an air purifier will help alleviate some of the problems that my son is having. He has been having troubles sleeping at night, and he has been wheezing and coughing an awful lot. My husband and I are looking for the best air purification to buy, and then we are going to have it installed this next weekend. I really hope it helps with the allergy problems that our baby boy is having. I can’t stand to see him struggling to breathe any longer.

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