Air ducts releasing AC

I go to the library often to work. I even work for a local publishing dealer, editing as well as proofreading their weekly newsletters. I like easily working at the library there because they have free Wi-Fi as well as because the location is normally unquestionably very quiet as well as pretty serene. I can get our work done much quicker in a library than in a small Starbucks Latte shop or at home. One thing that is awful about our library in town though, is that they typically turn the air conditioning on far too high for me. They must have a unquestionably energy-efficient air conditioning unit, or they must prefer paying a lot of money into it on their utility bill every month because they run their air conditioning far too much especially for me! I typically have to bring a sweater, blazer, or blanket to shield myself from the air conditioning that pours out of the air duct that I sit by. I have asked the library assistants to turn down the air conditioning before, however they typically insist that due to government regulations, the air conditioning has to remain exactly at a specified temperature. This does not make sense to me at all, because no other government building that I have ever been too has this very same aggressive air conditioning rule. Even though I do not like all of the air conditioning, the other pros of easily working in the library completely outweigh the cons for me for sure. As long as the Wi-Fi is free as well as the atmosphere is quiet, I will still come with our blankets, everyday to work. Perhaps someday I can persuade them to turn the air conditioning down, although I doubt it!