Air cooling for my bedroom

I recently had to make an appointment with my heating and A/C supplier. There’s been something blocking all of the Ducts inside of our house, which is not letting the cold A/C into our home. We only found out this problem, and the last couple of days. We were all wondering why the air conditioning system wasn’t working right, but then we found out that my son’s room was very chilly. Apparently there must be some sort of blockage in the air ducting on the way out from his bedroom. His bedroom is the closest to the air conditioning unit, so I imagine the problem must be somewhere outside of his bedroom area. Hopefully the heating and A/C supplier will be able to figure out the problem with our air ducting plus help us to maintain better weather conditions inside of our home. I told my son that he had to leave his bedroom door open, so that the rest of us could enjoy some of the cold A/C. The very next afternoon, the heating and A/C supplier arrive to our home, and the weather was extremely hot. My spouse and I spoke with the heating and A/C supplier, and they did a full inspection of our entire system. Once the technician finished looking at all of the air ducting from inside of our attic, we found out that the air ducts were not connected from the bedroom to the rest of the house. There had been some problem where they had been disconnected, but now the problem should be fixed.

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