Air conditioning system

I really dislike going out to eat with Mike and Rob. It’s nice to sit down, have some food and catch up with them because they are good friends, but it’s the part after dinner that I absolutely despise. They always want to split the bill evenly. However they both are very heavy drinkers. So splitting the meal screws me over because not only do I not drink, but I also eat very little. I end up paying for Mike’s beers and Rob’s scotch. Towards the end of the dinner, I begin to worry about how I am going to pay my bills. Paying for the drinks doesn’t really factor in the budget. So that means the next month I need to turn off my A/C and sweat it out. In the winter, the only way for me to get by is to turn down my thermostat so my heating system doesn’t turn on too much. I try to keep my heater off unless it’s an absolute necessity and I am dying of frostbite. I don’t like that my dinner out with friends will affect my HVAC usage for the month. However, I need to be saving money and it’s pretty easy to just shut off the HVAC system to do so. Maybe one day I will get a new higher paying job so I can afford to have my heating and cooling system run all day long. Or maybe I just need new friends who don’t order ten drinks at a restaurant and then try to split the bill with me. climate control system