Air conditioning in the gym


I enjoy warm temperatures all year long now that I live down south.  In fact, they are precisely what brought me here from the Pacific Northwest. I was so sick and tired with living each winter in the cold and snow, so I made a decision to enjoy my life in an environment where the idea of shoveling snow was unheard of. I like living here and I am gradually getting used to the warmer climate. Due to the high humidity, I decided to join a local gym in order to be comfortable while doing my daily run. Most of the time the gym is very pleasant and I must say I enjoy working up a sweat while in an air conditioned environment. However, we did just have a cold spell that forced the gym to adjust the HVAC to a warmer setting. They didn’t want people complaining about being cold while working out either.  While I was trying to run my usual hour on the treadmill, I noticed I was sweating a lot more than usual and couldn’t believe how thirsty I was. Knowing that thirst is a sign of dehydration, I stopped running and grabbed some water. I looked around and noticed everyone appeared to be struggling. I went to the front desk and spoke with the staff to see if the temperature could to be lowered to keep everyone safe. The manager quickly apologized and ran over to the thermostat to check the settings. Sure enough, the furnace was still running rather than the air conditioner and the temperature setting was about 72 degrees. The very next day when I returned, I noticed the furnace was off and the air conditioner was running like usual. Thankfully, the HVAC unit wasn’t broken, it was just human corruption.

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