Air conditioning for our candy

Candy is something that almost everyone can enjoy. It tastes good and so it makes you feel good. Growing up I was never allowed to have candy, or any type of junk food. I loved when teachers would give little sweets when queries were answered correctly or as soon as my friends would share their stash with me. My favorite holiday is Halloween, simply due to the fact that candy is in such mass abundance. My favorite kind of snack however, has always been chocolates. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, you name it I love it. This is why I decided to go into business as a chocolatier. Some people may believe that it is a strange profession, but I absolutely love it. It is actually very satisfying to see someone enjoying your chocolate. There can be hardships that come with this career choice however. For example, last summer my air conditioner stopped working suddenly. Because of this all of my chocolate began to melt! I called my HVAC professional immediately, who said he could repair the unit. In the end I had to buy a new HVAC system with a new air conditioner as well as a furnace. The furnace will come in handy in the winter. I needed to buy a better HVAC system because not having it, would put  my livelihood at stake. Now my chocolates are protected and my customers are able to enjoy them once again.

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