air conditioning equipment

My apartment building has a very small gym that I visit everyday. I work out just about every morning at seven. There is ever only been one other man in there and I’ve named him Howard. Howard and I faithfully everyday do our routines. Howard runs to the treadmill and sweats buckets of sweat off his large frame. I do the elliptical and lift weights. It works for both of us. I am thankful Howard and I get to be the only people in there since the gym is so very small. It may be really cramped trying to fit anyone else into this room. There is only enough room for a few bikes, treadmills and weights. What I find strange though is there are also two ductless mini split air conditioners inside this tiny gym. You would think one air conditioner could be enough. The space is so small and hardly anyone is in there. Ductless mini split air conditioning systems must not have a lot of power? Are they really wimpy cooling systems or what? Not only can one find there two ductless HVAC options, but they are alongside each other. That does not seem very beneficial if you asked my opinion. Put one AC device per wall, mounting the other one on the opposite side. Perhaps it is a mounting issue that is going on here. That is all I can figure as to why they were placed in that position. Do you need to consider studs with AC installation? I have never installed an air conditioner previously, so I have no idea. Regardless, two cooling systems seems totally similar to a waste of valuable space. Just get one powerful AC device and cut back on cooling costs.HVAC