Air conditioner theft

I can not guess what this world is going to be like from now on. Every time I turn around I catch another glimpse of the downfall of morals in the neighborhood I live in. The latest problem to start comes from all the criminal activity that is ever adjusting right inside my own town… First it was stealing bikes from the driveways, then the local liquor stores got robbed a few times. The latest problem to rear its ugly head is window air conditioner systems getting stolen. It apparently is self-explanatory to do because multiple air conditioner systems have been removed and taken from homes around the town. I guess the biggest part of a window air conditioner is already outside, so a thief does not have to actually  break in to get to it. Fortunately, some homeowners were smart enough to write down the serial number off the air conditioner, the police can usually find the AC component at 1 of the multiple pawn shops that are opening all over town. It still does not help the families who are left covered in sweat all day in the heat, while some thief sells their air conditioner system to the highest bidder. My loving hubby now sleeps in the hallway each night, so he can hear if someone targets our condo for the next quick air conditioner system to pull out of the window. My hubby likes his air conditioner in addition to the cool air it pushes out of its little air vents. I think my hubby would tear the pawn shops apart trying to locate our air conditioner system, if ever the two of us had ours stolen. It is a disheartening world. Who would have ever concluded life would come to this? Keeping watch over an air conditioner system.

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