Air conditioner in our vans

I travel a whole lot for my job, and it saves me all this time and money to just nap in my work van usually. Yes, of course I have a place to live! But frankly I spend three weeks of the month on the road. I quite like my little apartment when I am there, but usually I live in that van. It would take me an extra hour every day for the check in process at a hotel, plus I must pay for it. As long as the van has a good air conditioner, why don’t I just get a jump on the day, and keep that cash in my pocket, by parking in a rest area and crashing out in the back? Now, without such a great A/C unit in my lorry, this wouldn’t be possible. Heck, some nights if I’m near to the desert it gets so hot that I check into a hotel simply to feel that nice air quality from the window AC unit. But usually the cooling system in my van is good enough to keep me going. The heating can be described as totally different story. For any reason, the heater in a van is terrible, and barely enough to keep me from freezing to death. And it’s too small an area to hook up a room or space heater, so on cold night I either drive forever, or find a place which includes a powerful furnace to warm up. Usually it’s the AC not really the heater that breaks!