Air conditioner fails during summer heat wave

While on vacation  in the south, my family visited some of the many amusement parks that are there.  We watched dolphins doing tricks and went on safaris, spending endless afternoons enjoying the sights. We never realized how big the tourist industry had become.  There were hotels, motels, and inns everywhere we went.  Some of the larger theme parks had their own hotels and restaurants included for the tourists who wanted to stayed there! Every type of restaurant, with every kind of food, was available.  Of course it was costly.  The thing that caused us the biggest problem was the long lines at the parks.  My family ended up standing in line for close to an hour to go on some of the more popular attractions.  Not only was it a aggravating, but also uncomfortable due to the summertime heat.  We were wishing to be back at the hotel with air conditioning.  We took this comfort for granted until it was missing.  I remember, a few years ago,  we  experienced a heat wave in our area.  Our air conditioner malfunctioned right in the middle of it.  After calling several heating & air conditioning repairmen we finally convinced a technician to come two days later.  The HVAC companies were booked solid with repair calls because of the heat wave.  The HVAC professional recommended to us that we invest in annual inspection and tune up of both the air conditioner and  furnace.  We have not had any troubles since following the advice of the HVAC technician.

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