Air conditioner breaks down during heat wave because of lack of maintenance

My family went on a trip recently.  We went down south.  The kids were anxious to visit  some of the several amusement parks that are in the area.  From looking at killer whales doing tricks to going on make believe African safaris, we spent two weeks taking in the activities. My wife and I had never realized what a sizable tourist industry family entertainment  had become.  We found hotels, motels, & inns everywhere.  Some of the more expansive theme parks even offer their own accommodations & restaurants for the tourists within the venue.  All types restaurants with every flavor of food was available.  Our biggest complaint during the vacation was the long lines at the parks.  We stood  in line for over  an hour to get into the more popular attractions.  It was frustrating and  uncomfortable in the summer heat and humidity.  We all complained that we wanted to be back at the condo where there was air conditioning available.  My family understands the importance of a reliable cooling system. One summer season, a couple of years ago, my area experienced record setting heat wave. Our central air conditioner suddenly quit right in the middle of it.  I contacted several HVAC companies, hoping to  get someone to come out & fix it.  We had to wait three days for service.  The HVAC companies were all booked up during the heat wave.  Once the air conditioner was working properly, the HVAC contractor suggested  regular inspection & tune up every spring.   Since then, we have not experienced any complications with our air conditioning, and it runs more efficiently.