Adjusting the thermostat by myself

I am eleven years old. Recently, I was ill with the flu and had to be left home while my parents were at work. I hate being sick because I don’t like feeling bad and having to be in bed all day, but I really do like it when I’m at home alone. I like feeling like there is no one to tell me how to proceed or to judge me, then I can just be myself when I’m home on my own. When I got sick with the flu, I knew that even even though I was feeling bad and had to be in bed, I could get some time in the house all by myself. As soon as my parents tucked me into bed and left for work, I felt cold all of a sudden. I sometimes get chills when I am sick, but on this occasion it was very bad. I didn’t know if it was subsequently really cold or if it just felt cold because I was sick, but I needed to play it safe anyway. I went over to that thermostat and adjusted it just as my dad showed me. He explained how to change the temperatures over the thermostat so when you lowered it, the air conditioning will come on. And when you put it higher, then the heater turned on. Well, I wanted the house hotter, so I turned the thermostat up as much as it would go. Then I wouldn’t be cold anymore, not if the heater was going! I jumped in bed as the heater kicked on, and thought about how proud father and mother would be that I adjusted the thermostat by myself.

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