Adjusting the fan speeds

I’ve considered ductless HVAC with my new home. But I don’t care for the idea of setting up a ton with indoor air handlers. With a ductless mini separator, each indoor air handler is placed in a room. Then each room has their own designated thermostat. On the plus side you can have HVAC zone control then. On the downside you’ve got a ton of indoor units that could at any point break and need a HVAC repair done to them. Also the ductless heating and cooling device occupies lots of wall area. So with this in mind, I know I would like to get a central HVAC unit. I want my heater and air conditioner’s air running through traditional ductwork. The ductwork is installed in the walls and ceiling. The ductwork travels and generates a path to each room inside your unique home. Then the ductwork opens into a vent that lets within the climate controlled air. The whole home can potentially be one centralized, set temperature. The chances of convenient and simple use are higher. The problem is that my home does not possess air ducts already installed. I have to get a HVAC contractor to return in and set up the set of HVAC ducts. I am worried though because everything I’ve read about ductwork installation is awful. It sounds like the ductwork installation process is hard to the house and causes a huge amount of dust. I have asthma, and I can’t have dusty air quality. How long will my indoor quality of air be severely compromised? Is my house planning to fall down when the HVAC guy is working in the environment ducts?

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