Adjusting HVAC prior to pills

Over the last few years, there have been a reported increase in antidepressant usage over people twenty years and higher. When people need to have mental help, there isn’t any problem with receiving medicine. It often can help the brain. It’s no wonder that half of the people in America are taking some sort of medicine or happy pill. A clever medical scientist determined that A/C as well as Heating units have a sincere impact on mood control. When the A/C unit is cooling well enough or the furnace is heating well enough, people report feeling restless, anxious, and overly tired. When a single unknown psychologist begin suggesting that the patient’s should experiment with A/C and their homes comma people were surprised. They heating, ventilation, and A/C system was supposed to help mood control. Any time the patient felt as though they were anxious or sad, they were told to adjust the A/C one degree lower. This particular scientist experiments with heating, ventilation, and A/C settings are not conclusive, but they definitely do speak to the bulk of numbers of people that enjoy a cool atmosphere. I often find myself very depressed during the summer time, because it is so hot outside. No matter how long we run the A/C, I am always left feeling tired. Perhaps it’s time for me to adjust the heating, ventilation, and A/C system a few degrees lower. I often think about how life would be so irritating if I had to go without heating or A/C at all. Perhaps this is the study that will keep me from trying it out.

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