Adjust HVAC Before Taking Antidepressants

Over the past thirty years, the numbers of people taking antidepressants has increased dramatically. If people need help, there is certainly no shame in taking any kind of medicine that helps, but it does make you wonder when half the kids in any given classroom are taking ADD medicine and half the adults are on happy pills. So, one clever medical researcher determined that air conditioning and heating has a great impact on mood. If the air conditioner is not cooling enough or the furnace is not heating enough, the people report feeling sad, worried, anxious, or other negative emotions. Since that is the case, it makes sense that maybe at least some of those sad people are really just not getting the right indoor air quality or enjoying the right thermostat settings on their heaters or air conditioners. That is when one psychologist began suggesting to his patients that they experiment with their air conditioning in their homes and HVAC systems at the office. Any time they felt as if the air conditioner was not at a comfortable thermostat setting for them, they were to immediately set it at a better temperature. After doing this with the heaters and cooling systems for one month, the psychologist wanted to see them again. At this point, his patients’ experiments with HVAC settings have not been conclusive, but I think it is worth continuing to think about, don’t you? I know that when we had a hurricane and lost the air conditioning due to power outage, I was downright depressed!

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