Adding moisture to my air

Out of my two young kids, one of which is finally out of diapers. My youngest is still not old enough to be potty trained though. What this means for me is that I have to ensure that I keep baby wipes on hand regularly. Keeping baby wipes means that I must be sure to keep them within the correct conditions. If I keep them somewhere that can get too hot or too dry they are of no use. I can’t afford to never have baby wipes. A few months ago my A/C stopped working in the midst of the summer and I was forced to put the wipes in the freezer or fridge! It was the only place where they wouldn’t dry up. I had a HVAC repairman come out and evaluate the unit. I was told that all I had to do was fill the unite with more freon, so I had the HVAC company try this small cooling repair for me. After that day, the air conditioner worked just fine. I took the baby wipes right out of the fridge and I thought all had been solved. Later in the week I reached into a box of dry wipes. What happened to all the baby wipes? I then did some research online and realized that dry wipes meant air quality issues. My air conditioner actually releases air that is too dry. I did not need a cooling repair, I needed a humidifier so as to add moisture to my indoor air quality. That would have saved my baby wipes from becoming dry. So the HVAC business really just charged me for unnecessary actions.

humidity control