Adding heated floors in bathroom

My girlfriend and I finally moved into our new home. We are first-time property owners, and we knew before we even began with the home-buying process that it had the potential to become very stressful. Thankfully, we had a terrific realtor and we had a whole lot of help from our entire family and friends in the area. We learned a great deal of information while purchasing and moving towards a new home! We were most scared about the possibility of implementing various upgrades to the home. In our previous apartment, we were always cautious about small things like putting up pictures or accidentally scratching the ground. In our new house, we couldn’t wait to customize it to our liking! We wanted to start with the bathroom first. We knew that bathrooms can either make a home welcoming and likeable or chilly and unfriendly. We purchased new bathroom fixtures for both levels and in many cases spent some money on a cool steam shower! I knew that we wanted to implement an amazing heating feature inside the bathroom right away. I contacted our local heating and cooling company to ask about radiant heated flooring, which I read about. I knew that heated flooring inside the bathroom would make the experience totally unforgettable and intensely heavenly. I had experienced radiant heated flooring only once before in my life on vacation and yes it was from that one experience that I knew that radiant heating was an awesome way to improve a bathroom. If the radiant heating inside the bathroom turns out as planned, I might even consider trying to convince my boyfriend to choose installing radiant heating in many of the other rooms of the house. That is something we can do now that we own our home, finally!

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