AC was removed from the cabin

Yearly, my family and I delight in having visitors much of the fall season.  For several months, our hunting cottage is the place to be! It’s not just the hunting that the family and friends I grew up with enjoy, the cottage also offers a place to fish, swim, ride ATVs, or sail a boat in any one of numerous clear lakes the area has to offer. My young kids just like to play games as well as watch television. The cottage is located roughly three hours from our house, and although it is not easy to always get to, I was determined to try to go over there at least once or twice a month to maintain the property. The people I share this cottage with is acquainted with a guy who also goes over there every month to mow the grass. Just this past summer, my extended family and I were not able to make it to the cottage as frequently as we wanted to, but once I did make it out there, we realized that someone had stolen our a/c unit! I actually can not begin to understand why someone would come onto someone else’s property for no good and steal the a/c.  Actually, I do not understand people stealing items in general. It’s just an honestly selfish thing to do. The extended family members that I was with and I went to the store to find a replacement a/c.  In such a small town, there wasn’t much available but the most affordable unit that any of us could find was roughly seven hundred dollars.   My brother recommended that we should all go to the pawn shop and look for the a/c unit that was stolen. Since the town only had one pawn shop, we all kinda figured that there was a pretty good opportunity that the air conditioner unit was in there. As soon as we all walked inside, we immediately spotted the air conditioner unit. I wanted to just grab it and get out, however, I figured that was not the right thing to do either. The pawn shop owner agreed to sell us our own unit for one hundred dollars, and he also offered us the name of the culprit that sold it to him.