AC uses a lot of energy

All of my are very apathetic in the case of running their HVAC systems. They adjust the thermostat once they are really uncomfortable, and they usually leave it running without giving it much thought. I think this extremely wasteful, and I have voiced my opinion on more than one occasion. I always get annoyed and believe that I am preaching to them when i talk about these things, but we should be more careful about the way I use energy. Using a lot of energy requires many fossil fuels, and these are dirty and bad for the environment. I try to be careful of how I use my air conditioner because I’m sure that these cooling systems draw a lot of energy. I really don’t want to become wasteful, so what I accomplish is adjust my thermostat to be able to 76°. Unless the temperature is usually outside become extreme, I give it here. This ensures that my cooling system is not running constantly while away, but my spot till say is relatively pleasant. If I can get by by only running a fan and leaving a windows open, I will do that instead. There are ways to keep the air in a house circulating without running an air conditioner. I realize that most people take their own heating and cooling systems for granted, but it’s not something that I want you to do. I want to be more responsible and live in a sustainable way. I think that you have ways to stay comfortable without being excessive, and I want to do everything I can to make sure that I am reducing my carbon footprint.

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