AC system at the hotel

My friends and I went to the shore this past weekend. It’s a long drive because both of us do not live anywhere near the coastline, but we were excited for the road trip. Both of us decided to book a hotel online, and hope for the best. We always choose a hotel with fantastic client reviews, because those are the people who tell the truth. There were a few complaints about noise and a few rave reviews about how comfortable their air conditioner was in the rooms. The reviews were mostly positive. We got an early check-in, so we left for the beach right after our last class. When we arrived, the air outside was damp from the humidity, and my clothes were already sticking to my body. It wasn’t even afternoon yet, and the outdoor temperature was already 96 degrees. The inside lobby of the hotel was humid also, and I was sure the room was going to be a bummer. The clerk gave us our room keys, and a map of the resort grounds. When both of us opened our room door, the blast of freezing a/c air hit us right in the face. It was wonderful. It was icy, freezing and refreshing. The a/c had been turned on for us, and was set to 65 degrees. There was a digital control unit on the wall, and a cup holder for a tiny remote control.  The hotel had an amazing a/c system, but the lobby never felt that cool. I recognize it must have been the constant opening and closing of the doors, because our hotel room was ice cold. Both of us left fantastic hotels reviews on the website, and made sure to mention the attractive a/c system in the room.

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