A/C service and hot flashes

I have always looked forward to the sunny summer season. It’s my favorite time of year and I’m able to never wait for it to arrive. I enjoy all the delightful flowers, clear skies, the scent of my freshly mown yard, and the echos of crickets chirping in the evening. This year however, I’m at the mercy of menopause and I am really dreading those hotter months. I already create enough of my own heat with all these scorching flashes and miserable night sweats. I’m trying to do all I can to help my body limit them. I dress myself in light clothing, stay away from the sun and drink lots from water, but I’m still experiencing them and they are very unpleasant. One good thing about summer is the relief one can find in an efficient air conditioner. Fortunately, last year, I purchased an HVAC service plan. I wanted to make sure my air conditioner and heater would be maintained and serviced and primed to perform to peak capacity. I’ve already called out my heating and cooling provider and he serviced the entire central air conditioning system. He checked the climate control thermostat and provided a complete air conditioning tune-up. He even mentioned some energy saving tips that are going to help me save money – things like blackout curtains over the windows, taking cool showers in the afternoon and running the fans in the heat of the day. While I’m struggling this year to stay cool and I am not at my most comfortable, it certainly isn’t because of my air conditioner. It’s running just fine.

A/C service