AC ruined our meal

When Randy graduated first in his class, I was genuinely excited. I knew I had to do something special for Randy plus eventually took upon the plan of taking Randy out to supper. I knew Randy liked crab so I went online to check out the local crab shacks. There was a single one which had the most plus best reviews. It was fairly high in cost but I wanted it to be a celebration so I booked a table for Randy and I. The ambiance was superior, with really fine background songs, however Randy plus I were pumped. Randy and I sat happily chatting plus waiting on our lobster meal, when I noticed an elderly person at a nearby table, fanning them with a menu sheet. Minutes after that, I began to notice tiny beads of sweat on Randy’s forehead. I too was beginning to believe hot. I got over a waiter plus asked him to work with the air conditioning system control component so Randy and I could believe cool. His response was that the Heating plus Air Conditioning plan was not working. A AC serviceman should have been by earlier, to fix up the component but he had not shown up. Before he was done with that, the owner of the restaurant came out to add his regards, repeating the same story  about the not working air conditioning system, plus getting his workers to open up the windows. By this time, everybody was way too warm, sizzling plus genuinely uncomfortable. The outside air offered some help but nobody had thought that this crab restaurant would be separate from a reliable Heating plus Air Conditioning system.

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