AC not working at the shop

Every Sunday afternoon I meet my best neighbor for Starbucks Coffee at a local cafe about 4 blocks from my house; All of us have been following this tradition religiously for about two years now, and i really like her because she is one of those lifelong friends that constantly listens to me and others and tries to be a supportive figure. It’s taxing to come by those kinds of people. I was really bummed out last Sunday when I showed up at the cafe to find that the air conditioner wasn’t working, but the cafe was too hot, & I noticed that there were no other patrons there. A Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system is crucial to making sure that people are comfortable while enjoying their food, & I realized abruptly that we were either going to have to cancel our meet up or move anywhere else. After she arrived, she agreed with myself and others that there is no way she would have been able to stay & rest in the cafe separate from an a/c. It was a shame because it was the first time in that 2 years that we weren’t able to meet at our number one spot. All of us decided to go to a uncommon place a few minutes down the road, however it wasn’t the same. All of us missed being served by our number one waitress & ordering our number one Starbucks Coffee with a slice of pie. I hope that the air conditioner is fixed by the time we go to meet up again next Sunday. If not, I will be so disappointed. Being a creature of habit, I do not love having to change up my routine one bit. I love sticking to the same schedule & relying on the same people.

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