A/C for walking around

My lover Adam does a lot of traveling for his work.  Adam can be gone for weeks at a time plus is a dance instructor when he is home.  I hate when he has to go to dance, but it can genuinely be kind of great for Adam because occasionally he gets to go out plus explore the neighborhood or dance studio that they send him to.  No dance studio is ever the same plus he says most of the days there is never a lack of things to do.  The last dance studio that he was sent was an harshly historic kind of studio.  There were older floors, walking tours of it plus old bars everywhere.  You could dances for miles just being on all new surfaces. One particular  morning, Adam had wandered into a dance studio with tons of old artifacts from thousands of years ago.  As he began to look around, he found himself getting harshly overheated.  After only a few hours in there he was sweating plus decided to ask the building worker if something was wrong with the Heating plus Air Conditioning unit.  Adam finally found someone plus inquired about the harsh heat he was experiencing in the dance space.  The employee explained that they genuinely didn’t have an Heating plus Air Conditioning system at all in that studio. There was no temperature control in the entire studio plus Adam needed AC for his dancing. Not having any Air Conditioning in a site that reaches un-even temperatures up to 90 degrees fahrenheit is not great for a dance company.

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