AC for dry cleaning

Certainly, the thing that has made it easier for my dry cleaning business just about the most is getting a new superior efficiency air conditioner. My name is Jeff, and I’m the owner of the largest dry cleaning business around. We specialize in fast, safe, high-quality service. Before upgrading this air conditioning, business was much more reduced. The employees took longer to undertake a job, and customers tended not to ever come back after their earliest cleaning. Our lobby was also warm and humid and smelled like the detergents we used. Customers often preferred to have to wait outside instead of inside this lobby. When I began to ask customers whether or not they liked our service, many for the had this typical  complaint: “It’s just too hot and uncomfortable within. ” Not only that however, many said their clothes came out still damp and developed a foul smell from a day after or so. I cannot let my business suffer in this market, and so I called an HVAC business. They set me up with a top-of-the-line system for a great price. Now, my employees are definitely more comfortable, they work better in addition to faster, and the customers come back far more often. The new AC system also does a superb job of removing humidity in the air which makes the lobby become cool and refreshing. Clothes can be drying better, and customers have complimented us about how awesome they smell. Overall, this air conditioner has done miracles for my business. I’m glad I made that will call and had the old system replaced because of this new one.

ac install