a/c essential to the movie theaters

I worked at a movie theater for a brief stint back in high school and I loved it. I have a wicked sweet tooth so that proximity to candy was much appreciated and not once taken for granted. And the buttery popcorn, mmm! When we were slow it was a perfect place to spread out my homework and study or write. As many people know, the a/c gets the theaters pretty cold, I would always bring an extra scarf or sweater, even in the summer time. It not cheap either, I peeked at our utilities bill and the a/c consumes a large portion of it. But it’s not for nothing, that a/c does more good than just cooling the place down. I remember back in August when we remodeled some of the theaters, to run new ductwork they had to shut off the whole cooling system for a few days. We still kept the movies running but it didn’t take long to notice the consequences of no a/c. It got hot really fast, although it was dark, it was still humid and so many bodies were sharing the same room. The air purification system couldn’t have been more missed. So many butts in the seats and the humid temperatures, it was a cocktail of offensive smells, stale butter, sour candies and spilt sodas on seats and carpets. The a/c’s cool air and filters really are vital to the movie theater experience. After experiencing time without an a/c unit, I’ll never complain about movie theaters being too cold.

AC set up