A/C efficiency

I apparently have a bad cold. The problem is I can’t manage to get my thermostat adjusted properly to allow me some comfort. I go from having chills to being too warm. When I am cold, I adjust the thermostat on my air up thus I will have more heat. While I am too hot, I adjust it back so I can cool off. My wife is becoming annoyed that I keep fiddling with the HVAC system. You see, we have a really fantastic central heating and air conditioning system and I often can the temperature in my house on a dime. It is not like an older HVAC systems where it’s important to wait a long time for a house to warm up after you adjust the thermostat. I told my HVAC provider I wanted a system with a high enough SEER rating so that the temperature would adjust right away as soon as you set the thermostat. My HVAC contractor laughed and said that he could put in a higher rated HVAC system than recommended for the house, and it would adjust the temperature quicker than a lower rated SEER unit. Then again, he said it may need replacing quicker since it will turn on and doff more frequently. I told him who was OK, as I am more concerned with my comfort than the endurance of my HVAC system. You see, I am retired and will be moving in just a ten years to a smaller house, thus I am not overly concerned about how long my HVAC system last.

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