A very new boiler

I used to guess that all boiler systems were gigantic, ugly and loud.  I assumed that they were an old type of heating plan that had been discontinued.  I pictured really old houses with an enormous boiler in the basement and dangerous radiators in the various rooms.  When my partner and I moved up north, because of a job opportunity, our up-to-date  house was equipped with a boiler.  I was unhappy about this before I even ventured into the basement and got a closer look at the boiler.  I was really surprised to discover a compact and modern-looking boiler.  The boiler is wonderfully energy efficient and makes no noise whatsoever.  Because it is a hydronic boiler, rather than forced air, the boiler is wonderfully clean and won’t overly dry out the air  in the winter.  It requires hardly any maintenance, is exceptionally reliable, and versatile.  The boiler is linked to baseboard gas furnaces in the majority of the rooms, and radiant flooring in the dining rooms and bathrooms.  The baseboard gas furnaces are streamlined and effective, and the radiant flooring is amazing.  There are few things more satisfying than getting out of bed on a chilly winter morning, and stepping onto a heated floor.  I don’t need to wear slippers, and I’m perfectly comfortable with the temperature control set quite low.  Plus, the boiler accommodates zoning, so there are independent temperature controls in each room.  This allows us to set temperatures according to personal comfort, and also avoid heading unoccupied rooms.  The boiler further supplements our water heating needs, saving us money.  

new boiler