A very long drive

Last month I had to go on a major business trip! It was only a 7 hour drive away, so I decided to drive instead of fly. I had a bad fear of airplanes. It had something to do with the fact that I wasn’t in control of the situation. Every time I walked onto a plane, I was handing over my life to a pilot that I didn’t even know. I didn’t love that at all, so I avoided it if I could. I packed up all of my necessities for the long haul, plus went on my way! About 20 minutes into the drive I noticed that my air conditioner was not even working. No matter how high I set it to, it blew out nothing but hot air. I was so aggravated to realize I had to make a 7 hour drive without an air conditioner. I had allowed for 3 hours of “emergency time” just in case for the trip. I decided to stop at a mechanic to see if they could hastily repair my air conditioner. The first mechanic I stopped at told me they didn’t have the proper air conditioner parts in stock. I lost thirty whole minutes on that stop. It took him that long to examine my air conditioner. The next place was able to help me though. After The mechanic took a quick look at my air conditioner system, she said she could have my cooling system going in less than 60 minutes. I still had 2 hours left of “emergency time” so I readily agreed. The Mechanic had my cooling system working in no time, and I was able to happily go on my way.

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